Members of divine chaos Fusion



Director & Co-Founder 

Shannon began her journey in 2003, after experiencing the creative expression and sense of community that came along with tribal bellydance. As a student of Heidi Alexander's Domba Studio and style, Shannon had the privilege and opportunity of dancing as a member of Bedouin Tribe, (sister troupe to Domba) and collaborating with many other amazing artists.  

With a strong foundation in ITS (improvisational transnational style), fire belly dance, skirt, and sword, Divine Chaos Fusion was formed in 2008.  Shannon has studied and trained for hundreds of hours with the industry's best in multiple disciplines, to include ATS® General Skills (September  2020). 

Shannon has served her Arizona dance community as President & Vice President of Levant al Sonora, Arizona's MECDA Chapter and now produces Phoenix Rising Dance Festival and the Arizona Events Calendar. 

Shannon has a MAEd in Adult Education and Curriculum Development and infuses her dance instruction with her professional knowledge of teaching practices to meet the needs of dancers worldwide. Shannon has had the honor of teaching and performing in national and international festivals around the world. She released her first skirt instructional DVD in 2012, followed by Volume II in January 2015, and Volume III in December of 2016. 



Claire fell in love with transnational fusion bellydance in 2006 and has been dancing ever since. Originally attracted to the one and only Rachel Brice, it was only a matter of time before her online interest would become a professional endeavor.  She’s studied a variety of dance styles, from Latin ballroom to Modern, but no style of dance speaks to her more than Divine Chaos’s unique blend of belly dance fusion. Originally drawn in by the Spanish flare of their 25 yard skirts, Claire has found her home and true calling in the DC style and troupe. She first joined Divine Chaos Fusion on-stage at Tribal Fest 11, and has been in the DC family ever since. 

Claire became a Director of Divine Chaos Fusion in 2013, after serving as an Assistant Director.  She now joins Shannon as an International Instructor & Performer in festivals and workshops throughout the world. Claire can be seen featured in Volume II & Volume III of the Intermediate Skirt DVD Series. Claire also co-produces Phoenix Rising Dance Festival, Arizona's Largest Bellydance Festival.



Assistant Director

Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

Stephanie began dancing at the age of three and has been dancing ever since. She began with ballet and tap, dabbled in competitive cheerleading and won two National titles with her team. During college she was eager to expand her dance vocabulary and challenge herself physically. She soon found cabaret style belly dance and took classes and performed for 2 years before finding her passion and niche in Transnational Fusion. At Plaza de Anaya she found exactly what she had been searching for and was immediately captivated by the high-energy style of Divine Chaos and the obvious camaraderie of the troupe. 

While growing as a member in the troupe, she again wanted further expansion of her dance knowledge and stumbled upon Fred Astaire Dance Studios. There she became proficient in all 16 ballroom dance styles and became a certified instructor and professional dancer. Although she has left Fred Astaire, she will continue with ballroom dancing and use her knowledge to enhance her dancing with Divine Chaos. She hopes to create and explore more means of expression through movement and cannot wait to see where this dance journey takes her and her sisters! 



Dance Therapeutics Level 1 Certified

Certified American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance teacher and Sister Studio of FatChanceBellyDance® (November 2019)

 After being introduced to the belly dance world in 2009, Sophia (“Fia”) started studying tribal belly dance in the Fall of 2011. Even with no prior dance experience, Sophia quickly discovered that she DID have balance, coordination, and a bit of grace, and the flame was lit! She progressed quickly after that through the study of ATS® and some transnational fusion classes, when she found out that Shannon and Tammy, the women who had introduced her to bellydance, were going to start teaching at Plaza De Anaya. The rest is history. She was always attracted to DC Fusion‘s strong sisterhood, passion, and the incomparable "flare" of their signature skirt moves and was invited to join them in 2012. These days, she continues to have fun studying and training in Tribal Fusion with her dance sisters.

Sophia also helps manage Dhevi Collections, a custom line of tribal body chains and jewelry. 



Assistant Director

Dance Therapeutics Level 1 Certified

ATS® General Skills (November 2019)

Kristina began her belly dance journey in April of 2012 with Sabine of Tribalation in Eugene, Oregon. Shortly after she moved to the Valley, she discovered Plaza Studio (formerly Domba Studio), where she immersed herself in several dance classes and, simultaneously, the culture within the studio. What started as a general interest in tribal belly dance quickly grew into a passion, which only became stronger when she started DC’s transnational bellydance fusion class. Needless to say, she was hooked. In being introduced to DC, she found a “kick ass” group of sisters and a sassy style that she loves! 

She continues to grow as a dancer by taking DC’s transnational fusion and prop classes, as well as American Tribal Style® and Fusion classes. She is excited for what lies ahead on her tribal journey as a member of Divine Chaos Fusion. Kristina is the resident instructor for all DC Fusion local classes.



  April Rose's Bellydance Cohesion - Enrichment Stage 1

Alicia first fell in love with transnational bellydance while working at the Arizona Renaissance Festival in 2005. She immediately started taking classes and jumped in with both feet a couple months later when asked to join Makara’s student troupe, Natium. Since that time, Alicia has also been a member of the short-lived SinAesthesia show and more recently, Makara’s Diamond Divas, and has taken classes with a number of instructors in the valley.

Alicia loves prop work and is especially fond of palm flames, sword, fire tray, skirt, skirt and fan, fire fans and veil. A lover of dance movement since she was a small child, Alicia says that she is happiest when in motion. 



Bollywood Choreographer & Instructor

Kelly Bender, one of the founding members of Troupe Harmony and past Vice President of the Arizona MECDA chapter. She has trained in several different styles of belly dance but has a particular passion for the Indian styles of Bollywood, Classical Indian dances, and Bhangra. She trains weekly in private lessons only available in women's living rooms and serves as Divine Chaos Fusion's resident Indian Style instructor, choreographer, and subject matter expert. Kelly continues her exploration and training in the classical Indian styles, always learning and researching. Along with Indian styles, Kelly loves all prop work, especially skirt. 

Kelly is also the co-creator and owner of H and K Designs, costuming some of Arizona’s most prestigious performers.



Melissa was first introduced to belly dance when she was about 12 years old, seeing Helena Vlahos famously rolling quarters up and down her belly on TV – and immediately went searching for quarters to try it herself. She would go to the renaissance festival every year to watch the dancers and began belly dancing in 1996 in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). Seeking out classes to learn this beautiful art, she began taking lessons with Yasmina Parker, she has studied with some of the Valley’s most notable transnational and fusion instructors, and is currently expanding her dance knowledge with Indian styles such as Bollywood and Bhangra. Melissa likes to infuse her dance with props, her favorite being sword and skirt, and also enjoys playing hand drums and percussion to Middle Eastern, African and fusion style music.

Melissa was one of the founding members of The Red Hands Tribe and loves performing the many styles of Divine Chaos Fusion.