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Online Skirt endorsement series

We are proud to offer our DC Fusion® Skirt Dialect Endorsement Series online! 

Our skirt endorsement course is an online comprehensive program that breaks down the Divine Chaos Fusion Skirt dialect into a 9 week series. This endorsement has been created for dedicated dancers to train and demonstrate excellence in the execution of DC Fusion Skirt specifically: knowledge, foundation, and history of the movements; technique, musicality, and performance. The dancer needs to exhibit understanding of all vocabulary, concepts, rules, and philosophy of movement. 

Each week dancers will be given over 60-90 minutes of video instruction, practice guidelines and requirements, and technique training specific to the DC Tribal skirt format. 

Each week there will be a video assignment to advance to the next week of the endorsement course. Understanding and execution needs to be demonstrated prior to advancing, so that the proper foundation and motor memory skills become inherent in your practice. 

Each dancer will receive individual feedback and support through private consultation from Shannon or a certified DC Instructor. Dancers will also be added to a private FB Group to allow access to other practitioners, facilitate questions, establish camaraderie and a skirt community, and offer unwavering support to all. 

At the end of the 9 week program each dancer will be awarded a certificate identifying and recognizing the hours of study and mastery demonstrated. 

 ** Dancers should have no less than two years of dance experience and be familiar with Divine Chaos Fusion Skirt vocabulary, either through the DVD series, in person classes/workshops/private lessons, or online DVD/Workshops (*small disclaimer, starting this endorsement series without any knowledge of the style would hinder your learning and progress in the course). ** 

May 15, 2020 Next Online Session

For questions or to express interest, please email info@dc-tribal.com.

The cost for the program is $279.00. 

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This 40+ hour endorsement program covers over 38 DC Fusion Skirt combinations, most of which are documented on our Intermediate Skirt DVD series Volume I, II, III. 

The program consists of 9 weeks of instruction, practice, and individual feedback.  As well as membership to a private Facebook group for participants to easily ask questions and unlock other bonus videos, lessons, materials, and support systems. 

Each week includes 4-6 combinations, a study guide for notes, music recommendations, and practice drill videos.  This is a very fast paced intensive that requires homework assessment videos to be submitted to continue to the next week's content. This is not a pay to play program. 

There are absolutely no refunds and registration in the course will be complete once payment and our online consent agreements are received. 

DC Partner Studio

DC International Partner Studio & Certified Instructor

All dancers must complete and pass the 9 week endorsement series and submit a Teacher Capstone Project.  All of our partner studios are hand selected by Shannon after careful consideration and many interviews.

Teacher candidates have 6 months to submit their capstone projects after the conclusion of their Endorsement Series to be considered for Partner & Instructor Status. 

Some requirements included in the teacher capstone are submitting 10 or more documented teaching hours, a video of 30 minutes teaching DC Tribal Skirt format, plus a one hour interview/exam with DC Tribal Director Shannon and fellow DC Tribal Instructors.